What We Offer

1. E-mail Hosting

We will give you a comprehensive e-mail solution, with full anti-virus scanning and spam filtering, ensuring clean and filtered e-mail to the end user?

Amandlawed can offer a solution giving you your own domain, e-mail addresses and mail spooling, ensuring 100% uptime on one of the most critical services. Whether it?s via WebMail,our easy to use web interface, or on your cell phone, you will enjoy our fast and reliable solution that is available 24/7.

2. Website Hosting

Our hosting package will allow you to promote your company, product or services on the World Wide Web (WWW). Our solutions offer all web hosting requirements including:

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or FP (Front-page) access, SQL database hosting, regularbackupsand web software resources.

3. Domain Registration

Owning a domain name is very important to ensure your company's presence on the Internet.

Even if you are planning to have a web presence in the future, it is important that you

register your specific name now.

The advantage of having your own domain name is the short, easy to remember URL, which

consists of your company name, for example: www.yourname.co.za. Another advantage is, it

allows you to have an e-mail address that includes your domain name, for example:


Some of the domains that you can register are:
  • .co.za
  • .com
  • .net
  • .org
4. Web development

When Amandlaweb designs your website, we will take into consideration your company, its client, products, and services and when possible, we design your website to give an extra edge over possible competitors and use products, services and support easily available, cost effective and best suited for you.

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