How Does it Work

1. The internet is the retail and services supermarket of the World and a company that does not have a website looses the opportunity to reach new clients, actively compete in their market and offer their clients an opportunity to interact world wide and any time of the day.

2. Websites for most people are confusing, costly and difficult to maintain. amandlaweb knows it doesn't have to be this way.


1. Once you have submitted a quote request, you will receive a response within 12 hours. (Monday to Friday)

2. Our responses are generally immediate quotes, or if required, requests for additional information required to compile a quote for a website that suits your exact requirements.

3. For certain quotes we also include an example and mock up of your website.

4. Our quotes are comprehensive, easy to understand and very competitive.


1. Your property, such as domains, e-mails, computers, etc will all be billed for in full on your acceptance.

2. Design, will be billed for in two stages. 50% on your acceptance, and the final payment on completion.

Extra Services

In addition to website design, we offer a number of solutions for companies to maintain their websites and e-mails (excellent for clients who wish to update website content continually),

We also offer computers and marketing of your services on the internet.

These services are billed for separately and are designed specifically for our clients.

Website Maintenance

1. Can include software, training and support. Our computers and hardware.

2. Superior equipment to retail chain markets, incredibly well priced, and built to deal with the clients exact requirements.

Internet Marketing

Market research, website optimization, google adwords, url submissions and other custom products designed, maintained and suited to offer a client the edge over competitors on the internet.

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