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"We Proudly Provide Small Businesses with Custom Made Websites that Enable them to Generate More Business & Succeed Online."





Amandlaweb is a black- owned web development and hosting company firmly committed to delivering first-class technical services to small business.


What our Custom Made Website Publishing Solution can do for your Business.

Thanks to years of development the Amandlaweb Website Publishing Solution can help with everything needed to provide a world-class web presence for local business. Here is a brief summary of the benefits and features available to you.

1. You Can Manage your Own Content (no more costly fees!)

Amandlaweb ensures that you control the publishing environment for you own website and puts the publishing power in your hands. To help you get up and running as soon as possible Amandlaweb will ensure that during the initial specification and set-up phase identified internal staff are trained to fulfill this simple yet powerful content management function.

2. You Can Insert Custom built forms on the website to interact with your customers.

The details submitted on the website will be automatically emailed to you with no need for your email address to be made available. These forms can be used to protect your email address from automated 'Spam-bots'. As part of the initial set up of the new website, we will include a Contact us form, custom made to your own requirements.

You could, for example, use for the Forms-Builder-Module is to collect information from site visitors as a survey. The administrator can create forms with drop options to make surveys fast and easy to complete.

And to ensure that the gathered information gets to the right department every time, each form can be submitted to different email addresses as specified by the administrator. Now that's interacting with your visitors in a useful and efficient way!


3.  You Can Easily Publish Your News

You can even write content that feeds itself into the site over time, ensuring readers always have something new and your staff can actually line up content ahead of time so there's never the need to pressure to always publish something fresh.


4. You Can Use Multiple Communications Systems (SMS & email) to Keep In Touch

The Amandlaweb Publishing Solution goes beyond the standard web presence and ensures you can keep your clients up to date with the latest news about your products and services using both SMS and email.  The Communications system builds a database of your clients and staff and creates easy platform to email and SMS them at any given time.

All email newsletters include professional and clean background designs, with special care and attention given to ensuring that your newsletters will be delivered through firewalls. Great design and thoughtful technical solutions are at the heart of the Amandlaweb Publishing Solution.

Naturally we also give you a comprehensive e-mail solution, with full anti-virus scanning and spam filtering, ensuring clean and filtered e-mail to the end user. Amandlaweb can give you your own domain, e-mail addresses and mail spooling, ensuring 100% uptime whether via WebMail (our easy to use web interface)or on your cell phone, you will enjoy our fast and reliable 25/7 solution

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